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First allow me to explain that Enlish is not my first language. Catalan it's my first language, and Spanish the second one. That makes english my third language because I can barely manage to say five straight sentences in french.
I try my best, but I have this bad habit of messing with verbs and sometimes, with phrasal verbs because there's too many... so please, forgive any outrageous big mistake I may do. And if you can, just point it out so I can fix it and go on.

I'm a fan.

I'm an onbsessive fan of every series that catch my eye, and I love to follow up series by reading or writing fanfictions.

I also love my computers and have named all of my hardware because after spending so much time with something you kind of develop a close relationship and the occasional 'Why can't you download faster, you damn piece of circuits' it's no longer acceptable, you need a more direct way of approaching your frustrations... so I'm writing this with my sweet Wes (short for Wesley, nameda after said character in Angel. Wes is laptop and an hysterical drama queen who will randomly decide not to cooperate with the rest of the hardware), and next to me lays Max, the computer... as for Bart (Impluse in DC), the I-pod; Winona (John's weapon of choice in Farscape) the Wacom and Chianna, the printer (after said character in Farscape).

As a fan I'm pretty eclectic. I like tv shows (from Quee as folk to Taking over the Asylum including House, Scrubs, Veronica Mars, Galactica, Farscape, Babylon 5, Angel, Black Adder,Buffy, etc etc).

I read a lot, I like fantasy like Trace and Hickman but I also like Steven Brust and Pratchet's Discworld. I like horror, namely Stephen King. I liked Tom Clancy's novels until his book become too large and way way way too fascist for my likings. I like Shakespear and Pearls Bick... but I've haven't been able to read The Da Vinci's code becuase it's way too pretentious and probably because everybody talks about it like's this really innovative thing... which it isn't.

I like also comic books, both DC and Marvel... I just jump from one to the other every few month. My favourite comicbook novel up until now is Identity Crisis. It's AMAZING! I also used to read lots of manga but's way too expensive and I've lost part of the interest. I don0t really like European comics... I've read Tintin and Asterix and I kind of found the first entertaining and loved the later... but there's other stuff like Corto Maltes that I can't stand. Way to slow and way too... well, boring.

I also like some operah and I love theaters. In fact one of those memories I treasure is when I went to Ireland as a teen and had the oportunity of going to the Abbey theater to watch 'A woman of no importance' from Oscar Wiled... which I just loved!

Other of my interests besides fandom is knitting, kids, my friends, and messing around with about everything I can.

Now I'm about to start a Computer animation course in 3D.