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My back---

My back hurts like seven levels of hell... and just because I'm a stubborn idiot who wouldn't let her father help with the assembling of her new bedroom... mind it, IKEA is fine, but walking it for three hours + carrying the boxes + spending ten hours assembling everything is baaaaaad for your back when you already have it all fucked up at the begining... but I wasn't going to let my father do the work because as much as he likes to do things he's still Cardiac Arrest Man and besides I'm way to stubborn to let anyone do what I should be doing... and about he just helping me... there would have been a crime, and I was not about to stain my new furniture with blood. Yep, me and my father: not exactly ready to work together.. or with anyone else for that instance.
I ended up having my grandpa by my side, helping. But it was my grandpa and i couldn't really tell him to fuck off... besides we had fun.

But now I'm layingin my bed and I can't sit down or even bend without my back hurting like a bitch.

The room looks wonderful, though. So totally worth it.
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