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Supernatural has de MEANIEST cliffie EVER!!!

And I mean MEAN in a Battlestar Galactica way... it's sudden it's bad and leaves you with a OMG SQUEEEEEE all over... Just like when good ols Boomer shots Adama at the end of the first sedason.. because there's been all this times they could have stop it, like when Daddy dearest asks Sam to kill him, or when Dean is about to die (isn't he hot? I'm sick, because I just love my fave characters getting all wounded and bloody... @_@)... thething is that they finish all the stuff, they get ut of the house alive and then... Hm! I'm not going to soiler that much because even curious people should get to scream at that... but DAMN!!!!!!!

Fuck, I love the fact that Daddy is possessed, because when they were rescuing him I thought... Shit, he's going to be possessed, which was kind of a MUST in the situation. But then they threw holy water on him and I thought that they'd just ignored the obvious, which was good too, because the series have a thing for ignoring the ovious and/or twisting it.

Ah, the moment when Dean points a gun to John's head...! The ANGST!! I could almost breath the ANGST!!

Sighs... I like the series... it's a bit silly sometimes, but the episodes are great, and the general angst is like crack! And Dean, of course ^_^ I love the interaction between the Winchester brothers!

Alredy downloading th enext episode
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