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The world

I really don't get why Nations like to play chicken this much.

Like with North Corea nuclear tests and EEUU's "Don't you dare". Fuck them, and fuck people's cocky attitude about this things. It's not a matter of who's got the bigger balls, if this kind of things go wrong everything can go straight to hell.

Oh, and because Spain has it's own share of WTF political shit, I love (and by love I mean: Hate to the core of my soul) Aznar's (the last president and a huge son of a bitch) words about all the chaos around the Pope's declaration about Allah not so long ago.
His words were, more or less:

"I don't get why the Pope has to say he is sorry, no one has apologised about the muslim conquer of Spain."

Ok... The muslim conquer happened in the year 711 a.C. and the so called re-conquist didn't happen until (if I remember it right) the XIII century, which basically means that by the time Cristhians got the peninsula back, muslim were the real inhabitants. So re-conquist may not be the right word. Besides, later Spain got to rule most of Europe and the mediterranean mostly because we were upperhanded thanks of the reminiscents of the muslim culture. Let's face it, while most of Europe was trying to learn how to count, muslim were refining their poetry and mathemathical arts. Fuck, europe translated the first testaments from the muslim translations.
I don't know what should anyone apologise for? Culturizing us?
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