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Heh! My bedroom

Remember what I said about hurting my back the last week while assembling my bedroom?

Well, i finally passed the photographies from the cell to Wes (my laptop... yes, my laptop has a name. Yes, it's named after a pompous Brit. Yes, I'm a nerd.) and now you can see how it was worth spending a week lying down.

Here's the begining:
Image Hosted by

Here's the middle:
Image Hosted by

And the end:
Image Hosted by

I can't stop thinking I'd prefer to be moving to my own place, but fuck that! I love this bedroom!
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Handy woman you are, Catalan! Very well done!


But there's really no merit in it, assembling IKEA furniture is like a toddler jigzaw... gigza... jig... I'm sure you know what I mean. And it's FUN!
What is the most important it's exactly this - FUN!!! But anyway, I hate instructions, because they are always for shit, and there is always at least one mistake.
Heh, in mine weren't... but I totally messed up a wood panel and screwed it upside down... fortunately my dad had this cool electric screwer ( or however is called ) that makes most of the job.