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Third day lying down---

Well... it's my third day lying down and I'm bored as hell... it's also about to be my third week without a jobe and I'm starting to feel useless... which come right before full blown 'What am I doing with my life?' depression. I hate to be that much predicatble.
I should find a job soon, but whatever I see I just think: I'm 25, I should be doing something more serious. And then I get further depressed.

I'm writing this new fic, though,... it's a stupid crossover between WaF (my current weapon of choice) and CSI NY, because I was watching it last Mmonday (they air the series on monday in Spain) and Danni Messer is too cute and too fucked up not to use him in a fic... and since I was already playing with some possibilities for a QaF long fic... and well, Justin IS actually living in New York, isn't he?

Oh! How do I hate the end of the series... ok, I can see (barely) their reasonings... but was it necessary? And they look just so fucking sad at the las episode... but I love Michael, and I love him getting Brian to Babylon because, you know? the show must go on!
Fuck, okay... it makes sense, because it's not a story aboyt Brian and Justin but about life and growing up and changing... and that, it tells perectly... it's just that I wanted for them to have a corny (let's call it ridiculously romantic) ending with the two of them happy together.

What the fuck, they do end up together just not phisically together... and what did god created fics if it wasn't to ease us, poor fans, in our moments of despair?
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