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Hola tryda [20 Oct 2006|02:54pm]
Hum... mina_murray says... boneeeeees!! Benvinguda a la meva segina personalitaa psicotica...

Afegeix a cat_geek si vols que estarà contenta, pero el que tenen les dobles personalitats psicotiques es que venim a ser la mateixa i ens oblidem de cambiar el log per a respondre als journals >_<

Fa poc que he creat aquest journal per a tenir un lloc on penjar Fics a part del meu journal normal... i perque es divertit tenir una pagina on penjar coses publicament sense que totes les meves amistat ho acabin llegint... hummm... no, en serio... te sentit... crec... ignore that...

Anyway, the thing is, (what I really meaaaaan...)... benvinguda a la secret lair... i have fun (juas, en un parell de dies amb sort penjare una fic curteta de SN...)

I com estavem parlant de regalets... aixó conté spoilers minims de una de les ultimes de SG1 i esp ossible que ja ho hagis vist ^__^ anyway, sino, mira-ho que es MOLT BO

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[19 Oct 2006|03:19am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Title: "So much for my happy (in a non defined, non conventional way) ending" (3/?)
Author: cat_geek
Rating: R
Warnings: Angst, Violence
Summary: Crossover QaF/CSI NY... There's a crime in New York and Brian recieves a phone call that makes him run (and drag Michael) all the way to the big apple in order to discover what the fuck is going on with Justin. And that's a good question: "What the fuck is going on with Justin??"... ah, if they knew...
Status: WIF

Go to: Chapter 1 || Chapter 2
StoryCollapse )

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OMG SQUEEE!! [19 Oct 2006|03:11am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Supernatural has de MEANIEST cliffie EVER!!!

spoilerCollapse )

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FREE HUGS [17 Oct 2006|06:22pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This goes for everyone who ever reads this.

I love it, I love the idea and it made me smile silly for half an hour.


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HEROES [06 Oct 2006|01:04am]
[ mood | excited ]

Oh MY GOD!!!

I just saw heroes premiere... and it's fucking incredible!!!!

No, really... it reminds me of ghost in the characters treatment and by now the plot looks interesting to say th elist... ok, it's just character presentation, but it's cool!

Neeeeeed moooore!!!

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The world [05 Oct 2006|03:22pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I really don't get why Nations like to play chicken this much.

Like with North Corea nuclear tests and EEUU's "Don't you dare". Fuck them, and fuck people's cocky attitude about this things. It's not a matter of who's got the bigger balls, if this kind of things go wrong everything can go straight to hell.

Oh, and because Spain has it's own share of WTF political shit, I love (and by love I mean: Hate to the core of my soul) Aznar's (the last president and a huge son of a bitch) words about all the chaos around the Pope's declaration about Allah not so long ago.
His words were, more or less:

"I don't get why the Pope has to say he is sorry, no one has apologised about the muslim conquer of Spain."

Ok... The muslim conquer happened in the year 711 a.C. and the so called re-conquist didn't happen until (if I remember it right) the XIII century, which basically means that by the time Cristhians got the peninsula back, muslim were the real inhabitants. So re-conquist may not be the right word. Besides, later Spain got to rule most of Europe and the mediterranean mostly because we were upperhanded thanks of the reminiscents of the muslim culture. Let's face it, while most of Europe was trying to learn how to count, muslim were refining their poetry and mathemathical arts. Fuck, europe translated the first testaments from the muslim translations.
I don't know what should anyone apologise for? Culturizing us?

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I'm silly [05 Oct 2006|01:09pm]
[ mood | silly ]

Really, I'm silly.

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Gay rights [04 Oct 2006|02:41pm]

"Why is it that, as a culture, we are more comfortable seeing two men holding guns than holding hands?" - Ernest Gaines

would like to know who really believes in gay rights on livejournal.
There is no bribe of a miracle or anything like that. If you truly
believe in gay rights, then repost this and title the post as "Gay
Rights". If you don't believe in gay rights, then just ignore this.

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter, and those who matter don't mind.
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Quote [03 Oct 2006|07:44pm]
Brian: "Fred, you look fa-bu-lous"

Is short, I know.. but I just laughed my head off with this!
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Queer as folk Icons!!! [02 Oct 2006|09:34pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I did a handful of Queer as folk icons yesterday.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

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Heh! My bedroom [02 Oct 2006|01:50pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Remember what I said about hurting my back the last week while assembling my bedroom?

Well, i finally passed the photographies from the cell to Wes (my laptop... yes, my laptop has a name. Yes, it's named after a pompous Brit. Yes, I'm a nerd.) and now you can see how it was worth spending a week lying down.

Here's the begining:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

Here's the middle:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

And the end:
Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

I can't stop thinking I'd prefer to be moving to my own place, but fuck that! I love this bedroom!

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Fic: So much for my... 2/? [02 Oct 2006|01:53am]
[ mood | complacent ]

Go to: Chapter 1

Ten minutes later Michael woke up at the sound of someone frantically knocking at his door.
Chapter 2Collapse )

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[01 Oct 2006|02:18am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Hey! look my new super cool icon!

I've made a few more, but I won't post them until tomorrow, mainly because I'm fallin asleep writing this >_<

Ngh, my back is way better, even if it still husrt when I bend to quick or in a werid move. I'm hoping tomorrow I'll be almost okay.

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[30 Sep 2006|02:27am]
[ mood | slee`py ]

Morning when great!

I met with Laia and did a good part of the stuff we had to do. The non-date-but-just-a-coke thing went good too, although I'm not going to read more than there is in it.

Had lunch, saw Nuria and went to a photography expostion with Steve McCurry's Pilgrimage. Later I had dinner with Mari (who was desperate not to have to have dinner with her roommate) and my grandad.

Saw SG1's episode 200 and laughed my head of with it.

Also posted the begining of the new fic... and now I'm sleeping.

Today my back felt way better.

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Fic: "So much for my happy (in a non defined, non conventional way) ending" (1/?) [30 Sep 2006|02:13am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

It's been a hard day's night,
and I've been working like a dog
It's been a hard day's night,
I should be sleeping like a log

Fic (crossover QaF + CSI NY)Collapse )

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^_________________^ [29 Sep 2006|01:46am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

*Dances the I'm flirting dance*

Ok... there's people who may think: Talking about movies IS NOT the same than actually GOING to the movies!

But I say... well, I say nothing I just keep dancing.

I'm feeling silly, so don't mind me... yeah... yeah you! the guy who I know is actually reading this, yes you don0t mind me!!! Oh, you're a girl?... oh... I didn't meant... no, no NO WAIT DON'T RUN, DON'T RUN!!!


*must take pills*
*good pills make voices go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyy!!!*

I have kinda not exactly but somehow a let's take a coffe rendez vous tomorrow.


I'm rambling.

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Third day lying down--- [28 Sep 2006|03:25am]
Well... it's my third day lying down and I'm bored as hell... it's also about to be my third week without a jobe and I'm starting to feel useless... which come right before full blown 'What am I doing with my life?' depression. I hate to be that much predicatble.
I should find a job soon, but whatever I see I just think: I'm 25, I should be doing something more serious. And then I get further depressed.

I'm writing this new fic, though,... it's a stupid crossover between WaF (my current weapon of choice) and CSI NY, because I was watching it last Mmonday (they air the series on monday in Spain) and Danni Messer is too cute and too fucked up not to use him in a fic... and since I was already playing with some possibilities for a QaF long fic... and well, Justin IS actually living in New York, isn't he?

Oh! How do I hate the end of the series... ok, I can see (barely) their reasonings... but was it necessary? And they look just so fucking sad at the las episode... but I love Michael, and I love him getting Brian to Babylon because, you know? the show must go on!
Fuck, okay... it makes sense, because it's not a story aboyt Brian and Justin but about life and growing up and changing... and that, it tells perectly... it's just that I wanted for them to have a corny (let's call it ridiculously romantic) ending with the two of them happy together.

What the fuck, they do end up together just not phisically together... and what did god created fics if it wasn't to ease us, poor fans, in our moments of despair?
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Commitment notes in Queer as folk [26 Sep 2006|11:07pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]


Ok, when I saw episode 5 12 I hadn0t the whole file and missed the part where they receive the commitment invitations... XDDDD it fucking hilarious!

My favorite reaction is Ted spitting his tea all over his apartment, quickly followed by Deb's statement... "There's no other explanation, he must have knocked out Sunshine!" man that was funny!

(Sigh, I should get some friends in my friends list, writing this for my alter ego just isn't that much fun)

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My back--- [26 Sep 2006|03:55pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

My back hurts like seven levels of hell... and just because I'm a stubborn idiot who wouldn't let her father help with the assembling of her new bedroom... mind it, IKEA is fine, but walking it for three hours + carrying the boxes + spending ten hours assembling everything is baaaaaad for your back when you already have it all fucked up at the begining... but I wasn't going to let my father do the work because as much as he likes to do things he's still Cardiac Arrest Man and besides I'm way to stubborn to let anyone do what I should be doing... and about he just helping me... there would have been a crime, and I was not about to stain my new furniture with blood. Yep, me and my father: not exactly ready to work together.. or with anyone else for that instance.
I ended up having my grandpa by my side, helping. But it was my grandpa and i couldn't really tell him to fuck off... besides we had fun.

But now I'm layingin my bed and I can't sit down or even bend without my back hurting like a bitch.

The room looks wonderful, though. So totally worth it.

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QAF fic [25 Sep 2006|12:33am]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Er... Hi!

Hummm... so this is my first Queer as Folk fic.

Humm... I' ve been lurking for a couple of days and even posted a couple of comments, but I don't know the protocol here for newbies... so i think I'll just settle for the more domestic one and invite everyone to tea and cookies (sorry, I ran out of beers, besides, cookies are far more yummy than beer).
So please, come in, take a seat and gently turn off the cell phones while reading the fic.

This is somehow an AU, it refers to something from the series and actually tries to follow the canon but it's just my take at how something may have happened diferently... besides, english is not my first language so please forgive the BIG continous live threatening spelling errors this will have. I'm Beta-less, so if anyone has the free time and the grand heart to help me with the englisgh I'd be graateful forever.


This little monster's been beta-ed/corrected.

I'd like to thank flamencanyc, who kindly offered to be my beta and corrected the fic so that I could re-post it.


Corrected versionCollapse )

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